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Economic Impact of the Cloud


What is the cloud?

You may have heard people using terms like the cloud, cloud computing, or cloud storage. But what exactly is the cloud? In simple terms, the cloud is basically the Internet. More specifically, it’s all the things you can access remotely over the Internet. When something is in the cloud it means it’s stored on Internet servers instead of being on your computer’s hard drive.

Cloud technology is the infrastructure that allows access to the data and services stored on these servers from any device connected to the Internet.

The Impact

This technology has allowed for a positive economic development since it has brought a multitude of tools in aid of a businesses competitiveness at a fraction of the cost that of traditional calling systems.
Switching to a cloud based communication system allows for a unified communications solution that not only gives you a technological advantage but also saves your business maintenance costs.

It also makes it easy to share files with several people or coworkers at the same time.
You can store and access all types of information in the cloud from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection, not just your office or home computer.

With a cloud-based telephone system , you can easily connect to your company’s telephone network from your home using your own mobile phone. This not only saves on equipment and overhead, but it also increases employee productivity as they are able to handle business outside if their workspace when necessary.

With CloudXentral’s Cloud PBX moving your business to a new location saves costs and time. This is all possible as all technologies in the cloud use on an Internet connection. The cloud PBX connects you IP, or Internet phone with an Internet connection and a VoIP system can then be enabled, making the installation and moving very cost efficient.

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Communication in the 21st Century

Benefits of Cloud Technology

Traditional phone systems have been around for years, being a great tool for communicating between point A and point B. We all got used to this technology to quickly help expand our reach and save time in our businesses, and it has worked well, but times have changed and so has the technology. Some remain attached to this 20th century tech and have not seen how much things have evolved.
The 21st century brought cloud computing that allow us to have a broader range of tools to help us manage our businesses, save costs and expand our reach even further. It’s now possible to communicate without having to be fixed at one particular place. Now you can easily call from anywhere and even setup virtual offices around the world to make it easy for potential clients to reach you, as if they were calling a business in their local area. Everything you need is conveniently stored in the cloud, anything from documents, contacts and data, so your employees can quickly connect and participate seamlessly at any time and place they want from any device, securely. Quite simply, 20th-century infrastructure can’t keep up with the way we work today.

Cost Reduction

Nowadays it’s much cheaper to run a cloud based communication system for your business. Configuring other systems can be very expensive specially with all the equipment and training involved. You would have to spend hundreds of dollars on routers, gateways, trained professionals and additional infrastructure that simply isn’t even worth mentioning. With a cloud telephony system like CloudXentral you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment. Cloud technology gives you reliability, increased productivity and provides the opportunity to work anywhere from any device, at any time of the day.
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