The Polycom 2200-46350-025 is an expansion module for telephone attendants, receptionists, administrative assistants, secretaries, and other power users who manage multiple simultaneous telephone calls on a daily basis.

The VVX Expansion Module is a plug-and- play device, support all models from VVX 300/310, VVX 400/410, VVX 500, & VVX 600.


  • -40 illuminated bi-color LED keys programmable line keys.
  • -Daisy-chainable for a total of 120 contacts (3 x 40).
  • -2 x AUX ports (SPI) for connectivity and power propagation from the host.
  • -Expandability up to 3 modules.
  • -Legacy PoE support: Up to 3 modules powered by host phone (VVX 300/400/500/600).


US$ $210.00
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