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Why Us?

What we offer

Higher Quality Audio

Wider audio frequency spectrum for better sound clarity. 

Traditional Call: 300hz – 3400hz

Cloud Based Call: 80hz – 14000hz

+50 Features

Jam Packed with over 50 features that will allow you to work better.

  • Mobile Phone Integration
  • Team Collaboration Tools
  • Complete Call Management
  • Call Recording Suite
  • …many more


CloudXentral offers an exceptional 99% uptime reliability. 

Hosted at one of the most secure data centers of the world.

Why Us?

Trusted Partner

Business of all types and sizes trust our services as we guarantee a fantastic customer service experience, reliability and expertise. 

20+ years providing fantastic customer service

" Your team rocks. Whenever I need anything or there is an issue it is resolved in a timely manner or resolved while I am on the phone. You do not understand how good that feels for me, knowing I have a company like yours to back me up on our PBX. When we had that little storm (Hurricane) coming our way, your team called me to discussed DR solutions and how we should proceed so our phone lines will still be operational if our site is down due to the hurricane or power loss. Your service is exceptional. The backbone is stable and we can pretty much do what we want with your system if we can think of it. "
Olaf Olen
Network Administrar

Experience true connectivity.

Try it now! 

Solid Infrastructure

Our service is hosted from one of the world’s most secure data-centers, The Equinix data-center provides assurance for our clients.

Power Outage Protected

Ensures your call will forwarded correctly, even if you experience a loss in electrical power or internet access.

3X Redundancy

Allows a 99% uptime, designed to guarantee service and setup backups.

Multiserver Failover

If a server fails, we have other servers that are ready to take its place to insure continuous uptime.

Most Competitive Pricing

We made price offers that will make you think twice about what you have been paying. 

Save up to 40% compared to other providers

We are playing aggressive on our price to give you what you want at the best price possible.

Price Match

If you are getting a better offer from another company, we'll match the price just so you can get a taste of our outstanding service.

Team Tools

Collaboration, now mobile

Team-working tools packed full of handy features for big and small businesses alike. 

Video Conferencing

Enjoy unlimited video conferencing with your team members and 3rd party users.

Mobile Extension

Call or receive calls from you mobile device with the same extension number as your desk-phone.

File Sharing

Click and drag file sharing between team members.

Contact Directory

A complete list of all contacts, extensions and departments with a one click call button.

Team Chat

Exchange messages between members or teams

Send and Receive Fax

No need for a fax machine, we'll turn it into PDF

CRM Integration

Business Powerhouse

Unified tools to make your communication more effective. Integrate your business phone with some of the most popular CRM tools for sales, contact management and marketing.

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Service Components

Countless Features

Our Standards

  • Unlimited US Calling
  • HD Voice
  • International Local Numbers
  • Assigned Ringtones
  • Multilingual Auto Attendant
  • Custom Greeting

Call Handling

  • Call Filter
  • Block Calls
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Transfer
  • Custom Music on hold
  • Call Direct to Voicemail

Call Management

  • Call Screening 
  • Follow me (Hunt Groups)
  • Call Recording
  • Whisper
  • Multiple Call ID
  • Hide Caller ID
  • Group Pick-up
  • Call Queues


  • Conference Rooms
  • Fax to Email
  • Bidirectional SMS
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Desktop app
  • Speakerphone Paging (Intercom)
  • Custom Dialing
  • Favorites (Speed Dial)
  • Mobile app iOS/Android

Corporate Administration

  • Click to call (CMS web call button for your website)
  • Admin Control Panel
  • Call Center Panel
  • Call Logs
  • CRM Integration
  • On-site Engineer
  • Collaboration Tools

Website Phone

A call button integration that allow your clients to call you straight from your website. They can use the device’s microphone and speaker to communicate. 

Compatible with most CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento


Office Phones

Depending on your needs, we offer a wide variety of business phones for your office or conference room, we also offer networking gear.



Yealink T54w


Yealink CP960


Yealink W60p


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