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Instaling Communicator Apps

We’ll guide you step by step to download and install our softphone application for all your devices.

Troubleshooting an IP Phone

We’ll guide you through the step by step process of trouble shotting your IP phone.

Do Not Disturb

When to use Do Not Disturb and how to turn it on and off.

Call Pick-Up

Take a call that is ringing on another extension, from your own phone.

Call Transfer

Transfer a caller to another extension or phone number or even to another one of your devices.


Learn about voicemail with included little tricks to better productivity through this tool.

Call Forwarding

Have calls ring somewhere else if you can take the call. Multiple uses.

Follow Me

Sets a set of numbers or extensions to ring until you pick up at any of those.

Block Caller ID

Keep call recipients from knowing where the call is coming from or what number is calling.

Group Hunt

Activates a ring sequence to ring at multiple locations until you take a call.