Virtual PBX in US

Enhancing Business Communication with CloudXentral by Newcom

In the heart of vibrant Florida, where innovation meets seamless communication, CloudXentral by Newcom emerges as the definitive solution for modern businesses seeking to revolutionize their telecommunication strategies. 

As a pioneering Virtual PBX service, CloudXentral transcends traditional communication systems, propelling enterprises to new heights of efficiency and connectivity.

With a firm commitment to streamlining operations, CloudXentral’s Virtual PBX redefines how businesses in Florida manage their calls, routing them intelligently across departments and locations. 

Elevate your communication infrastructure with CloudXentral’s state-of-the-art features, all designed to amplify collaboration, maximize customer engagement, and ultimately drive unparalleled growth. Experience the future of telecommunication in the sunshine state with Virtual PBX from CloudXentral, and empower your business for success.

Virtual PBX in US

Countless Features

Standard Features

  • Unlimited US Calling
  • HD Voice
  • International Local Numbers
  • Assigned Ringtones
  • Multilingual Auto Attendant
  • Custom Greeting

Call Handling

  • Call Filter
  • Block Calls
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Transfer
  • Custom Music on hold
  • Call Direct to Voicemail

Call Management

  • Call Screening 
  • Follow me (Hunt Groups)
  • Call Recording
  • Whisper
  • Multiple Call ID
  • Hide Caller ID
  • Group Pick-up
  • Call Queues


  • Conference Rooms
  • Fax to Email
  • Bidirectional SMS
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Desktop app
  • Speakerphone Paging (Intercom)
  • Custom Dialing
  • Favorites (Speed Dial)
  • Mobile app iOS/Android

Corporate Administration

  • Click to call (CMS web call button for your website)
  • Admin Control Panel
  • Call Center Panel
  • Call Logs
  • CRM Integration
  • On-site Engineer
  • Collaboration Tools

Website Phone

A call button integration that allow your clients to call you straight from your website. They can use the device’s microphone and speaker to communicate. 

Compatible with most CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento

Team Tools

Mobile Collaboration

Team-working tools packed full of handy features for big and small businesses alike.

Video Conferencing

Enjoy unlimited video conferencing with your team members and 3rd party users.

Mobile Extension

Call or receive calls from you mobile device with the same extension number as your desk-phone.

File Sharing

Click and drag file sharing between team members.

Contact Directory

A complete list of all contacts, extensions and departments with a one click call button.

Team Chat

Exchange messages between members or teams

Send and Receive Fax

No need for a fax machine, we'll turn it into PDF

Mobile Collaboration
CRM Integration

Business Powerhouse

Unified tools to make your communication more effective. Integrate your business phone with some of the most popular CRM tools for sales, contact management and marketing.

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