Yealink YHS36 Dual

Yealink YHS36 Dual


Yealink YHS36 Dual: Professional analog wired headset with noise-canceling microphone, perfect for office workers, SOHO, or call center staff, providing all-day comfort and clear, focused conversations.

Yealink YHS36 Dual: Superior Comfort and Clarity in Communication

The Yealink YHS36 Dual is an over-the-head style conference headset designed for office workers, SOHO, or call center staff. Available in monaural (YHS36 Mono) and binaural (YHS36 Dual) versions, it supports Quick Disconnect (QD) and is fully compatible with Yealink enterprise IP phones. This professional analog wired headset enhances conversations by providing a comfortable, focused experience with reduced listening fatigue.

Key Features:

Perfect Compatibility: The YHS36 is compatible with a wide range of Yealink IP phones, ensuring seamless connectivity for productive conversations.

Noise-Canceling Microphone: The headset features a noise-canceling microphone that reduces background noise, allowing for clearer, more focused conversations.

High-Quality Audio: With wideband HD audio technology and passive noise cancellation, the YHS36 delivers rich, clear sound quality for both calls and music.

All-Day Comfort: Designed for all-day use, the YHS36 features an ergonomic over-the-head style and ultra-lightweight materials. The bio-mimetic protein-based leather ear cushions provide comfort for extended wear.

The Yealink YHS36 Dual headset is a reliable choice for those seeking comfort, clarity, and convenience in their communication needs.